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Supported Models

All AU / BA / BF / FG model vehicles, as well as the 7.4 litre powerstroke F250.

Tune Only

For those who already own an XCal unit:

Includes the following:
• Xtreme Custom Tune
• Before and after dyno report
• Regap spark plugs
• Cooler thermostat
• Replace required clamps with new Ford turbo clamps

Recommended optional: injector change for optimum performance
ZF tuning now available (XCal III only)

Our Guarantee

All XFT tunes are specific to your individual car, come with a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the results, and can be upgraded later, preserving your investment.

Xtreme Ford Tuning is able to share with you the unique and amazing tuning power it can provide using the SCT and XCal  flasher units. XFT's custom tunes can improve both the performance and fuel efficiency of your late model Falcon.

In addition to the pre-configured, optimised XFT custom tunes the XCal 4 unit is capable of being configured to allow the customer to both log performance and make small changes to the tune. The XCal 4 unit holds a total of 4 tunes, including the original tune if the original configuration is required at any stage.

Custom Tuning Packages

Select below to view custom tune and parts packages.