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Australia's quickest blown modular Falcon - XFT's FG XR8 5.4 ute

Australia's fastest and quickest 4.0 turbo FG F6E with ZF 6HP26 XFT prepped auto with a 9.25 @ 150 MPH with factory T3 flange and manifold

Australia's fastest ZF 6-speed auto BF F6 - Tony L.

Australia's fastest ZF F6 6-speed auto (factory exhaust manifold)

Fastest ZF FG XR8 - Daniel O.

Fastest F150 - Jason L.

Company founder and head mechanic, Simon Birch, has been involved in motorsport for a number of years. At the age of 23 he was lucky enough to be given a chance in the cylinder head development game by one of Australia's greats, Greg Gower.

Greg has been involved in racing for many years and was the ideal role model for Simon to learn as much as possible. He introduced him to an area he had always wanted to be involved in: the heart of any performance car... the cylinder heads. Simon is also fully licensed in both full LVW (light vehicle work) and ERW (engine reconditioning work).

The XF Falcon ute was one of Simon's most loved projects. He got the cylinder heads as bare casting and went to work on doing his own port work and engine development. As someone who had worked for Hiflow Induction Techniques he had been taught to use a Serdi for doing all the seats and machining. From its sheet metal intake dual-BG gold claw carbies and TND shaft mount shockers to the Oliver rod JE pistons and pillow block, the engine was built to perform. Making a stout 600 RWHP through a Peter Versma build C10 and 8-inch dominator converter it was able to run impressive 9 second passes.

Simon has now turned his hand to using one of the newest technologies to enter the motoring scene: the flasher software which was recently unleashed upon the Ford community. With the release of this technology came the birth of Xtreme Ford Tuning, a company devoted to specialising in software tuning for late model Fords.

Over the past 6 years Xtreme Ford Tuning has invested heavily in research and development for vehicles including an AU TE50, BA XR6T, BA F6, Turbo Territory, FG F6, FG GS and FG XR8.