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Australia's quickest blown modular Falcon - XFT's FG XR8 5.4 ute

Australia's fastest and quickest 4.0 turbo FG F6E with ZF 6HP26 XFT prepped auto with a 9.25 @ 150 MPH with factory T3 flange and manifold

Australia's fastest ZF 6-speed auto BF F6 - Tony L.

Australia's fastest ZF F6 6-speed auto (factory exhaust manifold)

Fastest ZF FG XR8 - Daniel O.

Fastest F150 - Jason L.

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The home of the real X-FACTOR!

Make your Ford perform exactly how you've always wanted it to by combining the latest tuning technology with XFT's powerful custom edits. You can use the base tunes for a boost, but for a truly amazing ride ask about our exclusive custom tunes, designed specifically for your wants and needs.

Xtreme Custom Tunes have been developed for the latest model Fords. Continued development and total dedication to giving you the very best from your car means you get total satisfaction. Your car isn't a weekend hobby or side business to XFT -  tuning Fords is all we do, and we have the results on the board to prove it.

XFT is proud to hold the world record for the fastest and quickest ZF 6HP26 powered Falcons as a result of dedicated research and development. Their FG F6E was able to run a 9.25 @ 150 MPH still utilizing a T3 flanged factory cast iron exhaust manifold, and is poised to break the 8-second barrier - stay tuned on the Facebook page for progress and updates.